7 Tips to Name Your Business

Most business owners have several creative ideas for their business names. Some even have their favorite name for their business. But a business name is more significant than giving your favorite name. The perfect name will represent the goals and identity of your business. It is one of the best ways to market yourself and will not bring any legal troubles to you. You will have your business name for a long time. Therefore, the name you choose has to be given importance before investing money in your venture or setting up a website. Here are some tips to help you find a good business name.

  • Follow the naming guideline of your state

If you want to build a business, which is a limited liability company or a corporation, your state will not allow you to choose a name that is already used by another business in the state. The guidelines of the state will be available on the website. You can search online for the names already registered.

  • Avoid names similar to your competitors

While choosing your business name, ensure that you do not resemble any of your competitors. If so, the other business will accuse you of trademark infringement, leading you to fight a lawsuit. Above all this, your business name must be unique if you wish for identity and brand.

  • The name has to be easy to pronounce and spell

People will get tired of names that are hard to spell, pronounce, and long. It can be deadly for your business. Try to use words that are memorable and simple. Do not try to be cute with your business name’s spelling and avoid difficult acronyms.

  • Choose a web-friendly name

You will need a website and social media pages for your business. Do your homework to find domain names that will suit your business name and the name in your social media account. Domain names must be memorable and simple. Your customers must find it easy to find you on the internet.

  • Try not to be excessively unique

If you find a business name not taken by any other business, you will get trademark protection. However, this can be tricky for small businesses. Going for geographic names or generic names will not give you trademark protection even though it attracts customers. But choosing a difficult name may fetch you a trademark, but will not grab customers. So try to balance both.

  • The name must be compatible with your brand

Find the reason you want to remain unique in the market before choosing your business name. The name you choose must show your quality.

  • Do not create boundaries

Several businesses choose the name of the geographical area they operate in. But when they try to expand their business, the name becomes a problem. Therefore, do not try to be more specific with your name. The name you choose for your business must allow you to expand and grow in the future.